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Welcome To The Science Fiction Museum!

GeorgeOur motto, Preserving Yesterday's Tomorrow, tells you a great deal about where we're coming from. We are a group of people who deeply believe that SF's past provides a unique lens through which to view the present, and is a historical record of unique value that preserves the sense of anticipation and fun that only classic SF can provide.

By SF Fans, for SF Fans!

From this page, our virtual museum foyer, you can get a view of what where we're going and how we want to get there. From here you can find out General information about the Museum, Visit Our Story Information Database, Donate to the cause, Visit our hand selected favorite links, contact us, view a suggested book list, find out where you can see us next, and see what we have for sale on eBay.

Many of these sections are under contstruction, and will be changing. So bookmark us, put us on your virtual bookshelf, and check back!